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The internet is a fast-moving and ever-changing place. Websites and web hosting require constant monitoring and fine-tuning to remain useful and functional.


The internet is a fast-moving and ever-changing place. Websites and web hosting require constant monitoring and fine-tuning to remain useful and functional.

If left unattended technology soon becomes obsolete, content goes out of date, and your design no longer reflects changing in your brand or audience. Instead of being a powerful tool that supports your business, it can eventually become a liability.

Creatif Media seek to manage the entire life cycle of our clients’ websites to ensure that they evolve and remain successful. We provide an ongoing maintenance package which includes the following services;


Just because a website looks perfect in one internet browser, it does not mean it will look so in every browser. Different browsers render pages in different ways. A number od design or code issues may arise.

  • Bugs and errors – Finding and fixing
  • Website text – spell checkings, edits, rewriting.
  • Images – repairing broken image links and replacing low quality images
  • Website usability – providing clear, consistent navigation is key to maintaining user interest. We can assist in this specialist area.


Complex software will always have vulnerabilities and motivated adversaries will always work to discover and take advantage of them. Regular software patching and updating will help defend against these threats.

Hacking is an unfortunate reality on the web and can happen at any moment. As you become popular in search engines and receive more traffic, you may be inviting hacks to test your protection system against them.

The first line of defence is to stay up to date with the latest security software. We will ensure updates are done on a frequent basis that provide security fixes to give you up to the minute protection from well-known security threats.

back up.
We will ensure a regular and complete backup to kept of your website software, your website files, a full backup of your database, plugins and copies of all the images and files on your host server.

If something were to happen, you will need these backups to restore your website.

We are here should you need us for a consultation or advice. We are not just experts in building websites, we are also experts in the web. We are aware of what other sites are doing and what is possible.
Some plugins may become outdated and no longer work with the newest version of your website software. Plugins may need upgrading to accommodate the newer version, or become obsolete with the improvements of the website software.

We will monitor your website functionality to ensure that everything is working as it should and upgrade when necessary.


Website hosting is an area that requires careful maintenance and is particularly subject to problems. Even the largest organisations have downtime. It is a problem that can never be entirely avoided.

Websites can be unavailable due to connectivity issues or a number of reasons beyond the control of your hosting company. As a result, many hosting companies provide uptime guarantees. Figures ranges from 95% uptime to 100%. In most cases uptime guarantees are worthless and are simply a marketing tool. They do not actually guarantee that your website will be available 100% of the time, it is merely a figure they are striving for. 

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